2N® Lift1

Emergency communication from a lift for a great price

The 2N® Lift1 communication solution is designed for two-way communication in a lift. It can, in particular, be used in lifts where communication between the cabin and the monitoring centre or machine room is required. We offer this lift communicator in two versions, both complying with the requirements of the valid European standards. The first version is suitable for fitting on the wall (Compact version) and the other for fitting behind the lift control panel (COP, car operation panel).

Product highlights:

The 2N® Lift1 Communicator is, in particular, designed for installation in single lifts. Apart from communication with the machine room, it can also be supplemented to include a solution for internal communication between the lift cabin, the roof of the cabin or the area underneath the cabin.

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2N® Lift1

Switch parameters

  • Minimum voltage
    9V AC/DC
  • Maximum voltage
    24V AC/DC
  • Maximum current
    1A AC/DC
  • Resistance – open
    min. 400 kΩ
  • Resistance – closed
    approx. 0.5 Ω
  • Fuse


  • 2N® Lift1 USB converter 919680E

Other parameters

  • Dimensions-Universal
    65 × 130 × 24mm
  • Dimensions-Compact
    100 × 185 × 16mm
  • Range of operating temperatures
    -20 to +70°C
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