2N® Lift1

Emergency communication from a lift for a great price

The 2N® Lift1 communication solution is designed for two-way communication in a lift. It can, in particular, be used in lifts where communication between the cabin and the monitoring centre or machine room is required. We offer this lift communicator in two versions, both complying with the requirements of the valid European standards. The first version is suitable for fitting on the wall (Compact version) and the other for fitting behind the lift control panel (COP, car operation panel).

Product highlights:

The 2N® Lift1 Communicator is, in particular, designed for installation in single lifts. Apart from communication with the machine room, it can also be supplemented to include a solution for internal communication between the lift cabin, the roof of the cabin or the area underneath the cabin.

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2N® Lift1

Audio Units

Voice Alarm Station

The 2N® Voice Alarm Station audio unit is intended for installation on top of and/or under a lift cabin. It is fitted with its own microphone, speaker and emergency button. In order to be functional, the audio unit must be connected to a 2N® Voice Alarm Station switch

Audio unit - machine room

Expanding set for lift machine rooms. Ensures communication to the lift cabin and potential communicator configuration.
Order no.: 919654ESET

Extending modules

Switch module

DTMF remote controlled universal switch (during connection). Up to 2 switches, or one switch plus one blocking module can be used.

Blocking module

A special switch used for blocking the lift in case of telephone line failure.

Amplifier module

Speaker amplifier for noisy environment. Adjustable gain.

Induction loop

Ensures communication from lifts for people with hearing impairment. 4m antenna providing sufficient cabin coverage with signal is included in the packaging.
Order no.: 919621E

2N® Lift1 Programming Tool

It is a USB tool for connecting 2N® Lift1 with the 2N® Lift1 Service Tool application. It enables configuration, change of voice menu or upgrade of the 2N® Lift1 lift communicator.

Order no.: 919680E


Overvoltage protection, RJ conectors

Protection for 2N® SingleTalk, 2N® LiftNet and 2N® Helios analog. It was developed to protect against surges especially during storms.

Order no.: 803010E

Overvoltage protection, terminal block

Protection for 2N® SingleTalk, 2N® LiftNet and 2N® Helios analog. It was developed to protect against surges especially during storms.

Order no.: 803011E


GSM/UMTS gateway for lifts

Analogue GSM/UMTS gateway 2N® EasyGate PRO suitable for installation in lifts. The gateway connected to any emergency lift communication system can be used as immediate mobile solution replacing a cable. Besides calls, the gateway can transfer data and SMS.

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