2N® Lift8 Camera module

Reliable Vandalism Prevention

The 2N® Lift8 Camera module is a recording device that, after connection to any IP camera, can obtain an image from a lift or monitored space. At set intervals these are stored on a memory microSD card in the camera module. This solution will enable you constantly to monitor a lift cabin or, for instance, a building entrance, enhancing security of such spaces against vandal attacks.

Product highlights:

Even if an attacker destroys a camera monitoring a lift, the recording from it remains on the microSD card in the camera module. It is stored in a safe place, “invisible” to the vandal and afterwards you can easily see who was responsible from the recording.

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2N® Lift8 Camera module recording device

Date Name Size Type Download
31.10.2014 2N® Lift8 Camera module recording device - product leaflet (EN) 473.01 kB PDF
Date Name Size Type Download
11.11.2016 2N® Lift8 Camera module - Declaration of Conformity (EN) 59.32 kB PDF
Date Name Size Type Download
10.12.2015 2N® Lift8 Camera module - Firmware 2.1.0 85.31 kB ZIP
Date Name Size Type Download
22.09.2016 2N® Lift8 Camera module - Manual (EN) - LINK

01. Doubledeck support
New units added, up to 7 per shaft
Voice menu updated
How to configure - chapter for each audio unit
2N Lift8 Service Tool - graphics connection updated
02. New hardware support - procesor, memory
03. Multiple-User configuration file selection, param 850.
04. 2N Lift8 Control Panel - Import templates included in help
05. 2N Lift8 central unit - remote restart with param 890*service_password*

01. 2N Lift8 Communicator - audio level control during active call
02. 2N Lift8 Communicator - call control improved (outgoing call - answered)
03. 2N Lift8 Service Tool - all password are hidden (starts)
04. 2N Lift8 Communicator - Only one session can be active at the same time
05. 2N Lift8 Service Tool - new hints included

Bug fixes:
01. 2N Lift8 Camera module - freezing during recording - fixed
02. 2N Lift8 Control Panel-doesn't work filter confirmation by "ENTER" - fixed
03. 2N Lift8 Service Tool - Unexpcted error during video-playing (when video file is damaged) - fixed
04. Roaming SIM loging improved, could take more then 30min, now less then 1 min.
05. 2N Lift8 server/Control Panel - if new number arrives has to be automaticaly added to the DB - fixed.
06. 2N Lift8 Control Panel - if one intercom is in some group, then is not possible remove it - fixed with button for remove from the group.
07. 2N Lift8 Control Panel - archive loading doesn't work properly - fixed
08. 2N Lift8 VoIP module - param 913 15sec, called party doesn't end the call - fixed
and minor bug fixes

Parameters changes:
01. 941 is no more visible as it was clone of 940
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