2N® Lift8 Camera module

Reliable Vandalism Prevention

The 2N® Lift8 Camera module is a recording device that, after connection to any IP camera, can obtain an image from a lift or monitored space. At set intervals these are stored on a memory microSD card in the camera module. This solution will enable you constantly to monitor a lift cabin or, for instance, a building entrance, enhancing security of such spaces against vandal attacks.

Product highlights:

Even if an attacker destroys a camera monitoring a lift, the recording from it remains on the microSD card in the camera module. It is stored in a safe place, “invisible” to the vandal and afterwards you can easily see who was responsible from the recording.

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2N® Lift8 Camera module recording device

One great benefit of the 2N® Lift8 Camera module is that even if the camera is destroyed, the visual recording of the vandalism is stored on a microSD card in the camera module. It can be located in a safe place (e.g. on top of the lift cabin) so the attacker does not have access to it. Using the recording you can very easily ascertain what actually happened and who caused any damage. Recording data in a loop, which in practice means storing images on the memory card at set intervals, is a matter of course. Once the loop is full, the data is subsequently recorded over, starting from the earliest recording.

In addition, the 2N® Lift8 Camera module recording device is based on the “plug and play” principle, enabling you to install it easily and rapidly in the place you want to monitor. To operate this solution you simply need a memory card, an external power source and any IP camera.

  • 24/7 lift monitoring
  • Increase in lift security
  • Protection from vandalism
  • May be connected to any IP camera
  • Loop data recording
  • Fast and simple installation
  • System Integrator
  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Shopping centres
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