Call Centre for Lifts

Effective Monitoring 24/7

The Call Centre for Lifts is a software solution for the comprehensive management of emergency lift communicators. In addition to this, the software enables the receipt of alarm and control calls. You not only obtain a detailed overview of all calls from the lift, but also the option of archiving them. You can also export data for the preparation of, for example, reports for customers. Take advantage of our solution and create your own lift monitoring centre for a great price.

Product highlights:

The 2N Call Centre is a pure software solution for lifts. It uses a VoIP connection, and therefore does not require any specific hardware for operation.

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Call Centre for Lifts

The Call Centre for Lifts is comprised of two software applications, the 2N® Lift8 Control Panel and the 2N® Lift8 Communicator. With the help of the first of these, you can set up detailed information about individual lift communicators, their addresses or the method of receiving alarm or control calls. The 2N® Lift8 Control Panel also enables you to create new users and manage their access rights (e.g. technicians’ rights to service a group of lifts). You will certainly appreciate visualisation of the status of lifts and the option of controlling connected I/O modules.

The Call Centre for Lifts also includes the 2N® Lift8 Communicator software application for receiving alarm calls. In the case of an incoming emergency call, it shows all data about the lift. Naturally, it also shows its location on Google maps and provides the option of making notes. Furthermore, this application also works in the same way as a VoIP software telephone, so that, in addition to calls, it enables the display of an image from the lift cabin.

  • Option of connecting any communicator that supports CPC and P100 protocols
  • Support of multiple users and various groups
  • Easy management of rights with breakdown into groups
  • Monitoring of control and alarm calls and their archiving
  • Graphic display of error statuses
  • Integrated VoIP software telephone for alarm calls
  • Visualisation of lift location and status on Google maps
  • Display of image from the lift cabin
  • Control and visualisation of connected I/O modules
  • System Integrator
  • Large Multinational Corporation
  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • State administration
  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Shopping centres
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