Lift Monitoring

No More Lifts without Supervision

Our lift monitoring solutions enable non-stop remote checks of the state and functionality of your lifts. It also offers the option of gathering data and sending it to a technical support workstation, such as non-stop maintenance service via the internet or a mobile network (GSM/UMTS).

Thanks to this, technical support always has an immediate overview of the current state of a lift, and can appropriately respond to any situations that arise.

2N® Lift8 Camera module

The 2N® Lift8 Camera module records images from a connected IP camera and stores them on a memory microSD card in the camera module. It enables you to monitor a lift cabin or entrance to a lift and provides reliable protection from vandals.

Call Centre for Lifts

The Call Centre for Lifts is a software solution designed for the efficient management of lift communicators, the receipt of alarm calls and creation of the necessary reports for customers.

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