2N Floor Annunciator

System for Informing People in a Lift

The 2N Floor Annunciator is a simple communication device designed for installation in lift cabins. Its main function is to inform the people in the cabin of the current floor number every time the lift stops. In addition to announcing the floors, it also announces the subsequent direction of travel, and warns not only of closing and opening doors, but also overloading of the lift cabin.

Product highlights:

Our customers, e.g. the operators of shopping and business centres, regularly use floor annunciators to play advertising messages in a lift. It also allows them to announce the names of the companies on the current floor and greet visitors with a welcome message, e.g. from a specific tenant.

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Die Aufzeichnungsanlage 2N® Lift8 Camera module


  • 80 x 90 x 25 mm

Series Interface for PC

  • RS232C, max. 115200 bit/s, autobauding


  • T 400 mA for 25Ω or 16Ω speaker


  • 380g

Parallel Inputs

  • Level “0 and 1”:
    “0” – 0V to 2V
    “1” – 10V to 24V
  • “pull-up” resistors:
    10kΩ against positive power current
  • Control by contact:
    “0” earth resistance < 800Ω, 24V; “1” earth resistance > 10kΩ, 24V
  • Max. power supply:
    +/- 40V against positive power current

Series Input

  • Expected excitation through an open collector against earth, the current is taken from a positive power source and is approx. 3mA.

Power Supply (not included)

  • DC 9 – 30V, DC 12V – 24V recommended


  • Max. 300 mA (16Ω speaker)

Output Power

  • 0.5W/16Ω
  • Announcement of Floors

Supported interfaces

  • Serial 8 bits
  • Serial 9 bits
  • Serial multiple-bytes
  • Parallel, binary code
  • Parallel, Gray code
  • Parallel, 8 bits
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