Elevator Extensions

A New Dimension of Functionality for Lifts

Elevator Extensions are advanced devices from 2N which enable the expansion of the functionality of any lift in a very simple way. They are fully compatible not only with our lift phones, but you can also use them with other 2N products. They are also fully functional as independent products, thanks to which they offer a wide range of uses.

Induction Loop for Lifts

2N® Induction Loop ensures that a lift cabin has signal coverage for hearing aids.

2N Floor Annunciator

The 2N Floor Annunciator informs people in the lift cabin of the current floor number, the subsequent direction of travel and warns of closing and opening doors. Naturally, it can also play advertising messages.

2N® 2Wire for Lifts

The 2N® 2Wire converter makes it possible to connect any IP device in a lift cabin where no LAN network or even Ethernet exists.

GSM/UMTS Gateway for Lifts

The 2N® EasyGate PRO analogue GSM/UMTS gateway enables you to immediately replace a landline in a lift environment. What’s more, in addition to calls, it can transfer data and send text messages.

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