2N OpenStage Phone Family

We would like to introduce you to 2N OpenStage, a new generation of CORNET phones. These elegant devices offer an intuitive and convenient user environment with a number of advanced and innovative features. OpenStage represents the latest development in the area of sound, offering superior voice quality in the handset and loudspeaker (handset design, speaker used and cover dimensions). See for yourself and try the state-of-the-art new generation OpenStage phones!

The 2N OpenStage phone range includes the following models:

OpenStage 15 T

The simplest of the phones offered. Equipped with a broad range of features including loudspeaker, display, and 8 back-lit function buttons.

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2N OpenStage 15 T

OpenStage 20 T

Model 20 T offers loudspeaker and a reduced number of buttons. The phone is suitable for standard office use.

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2N OpenStage 20 T

OpenStage 30 T

This model offers a great compromise in relation to the price/utility value ratio. With its intuitive and interactive user interface it represents a versatile solution for effective and professional telephony.

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2N OpenStage 30 T

OpenStage 40 T

The advantage of this, the most sophisticated model in the 2N OpenStage phone range is its ability to adapt to different work environments. This makes it an ideal solution for offices, employees with shared workspace, team workers or call centre employees.

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2N OpenStage 40 T

Selected 2N OpenStage models can be equipped with add-on modules:

2N OpenStage key module 15

Offers 18 additional programmable keys with LEDs, function buttons, quick dialling or line buttons.

2N OpenStage 30 T Key module

Example of the OpenStage 30 T phone with an add-on key module.

2N OpenStage key module 15

2N OpenStage 30 T  Key module


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02.05.2011 2N OpenStage model comparison 592.54 kB PDF
03.05.2011 2N OpenStage technical parameters comparison 270.63 kB PDF
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