Phones for Everyone

You can find a wide range of phones for different uses in our product portfolio. We offer both system phones, embodying high-comfort control combined with innovative design as well as IP phones – modern, high-quality devices. We also still have highly reliable analogue phones available. If you are often travelling, you might want to order a software phone. As accessories, we also offer wireless phones and hands free sets.

Currently we offer these phone types:System phones

System Phones

Open StageThe series of OpenStage IP phones we offer our customers contains four models: 15T, 20T, 30T and 40T. These end terminals feature a new revolutionary design, combining easy control and high functionality with comfort. By virtue of its open interface for cooperating with other devices it enables access to various services and applications.

Software Phones

2N® NetStar Communicator - The 2N® NetStar Communicator software phone operates either as a CTI application or a software SIP phone. You can see contacts on it as well as the status of all your colleagues, who you can call at the click of a mouse and send them short messages or SMS messages. You can also access telephone directories or call histories. The 2N® NetStar Communicator is an ideal tool for working from home or anywhere in the world.

IP Phones

2N StarPoint IP phones are the latest in highly professional equipment. You can choose from four models, all of which satisfy the requirements of the users looking for quality IP phones at reasonable price. Individual models are the T22,T26 and T28.

Analogue Phones

An analogue interface is still an indispensable part of company communication. Therefore we also offer several types of analogue phones for the 2N® NetStar. All of them excel in terms of high reliability and satisfying ergonomics, allowing every user to work in comfort.

Hands Free Sets

If you spend most of your working hours on the phone, you will be using hands free sets. They are an ideal accessory for telephone stations of employees who work in busy offices or call centre workers.

Wireless Phones

If you want to increase the mobility of employees working on the company premises, we can offer you a range of wireless DECT, DECT/GAP phone appliances with numerous features and above-standard equipment. They are suitable both for offices and for households.

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