2N® Energy Bank

Back-up for your communication

The 2N® EnergyBank battery source is intended as a back-up power supply for the 2N® EasyGate and 2N® SmartGate analogue GSM/UMTS gateways, providing the necessary backup to 12V equipment with a maximum consumption of 1A in the event of power failure.

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Battery source 2N® EnergyBank

The back-up source is designed as a through-system, i.e. the 2N® EnergyBank is connected between the network adapter and the gateway. At the moment primary supply from the network fails, the 2N® EnergyBank automatically takes over the role of supply source and the operation of any backed-up equipment is unaffected.

Products the back-up source can be connected to:

  • 2N® EasyGate
  • 2N® EasyGate UMTS USB
  • 2N® SmartGate
  • 2N® EasyRoute