Additions to our Portfolio

Besides telephone systems, gateways or communicators, 2N also offers a wide range of accessories for you to use with these products. They include aerials, aerial adapters for our gateways, various kinds of installation materials, overvoltage protections or phones that can be connected to our private branch exchanges. If you want to order any item, please do not hesitate to use our order form or contact the Sales Department directly.

2N® Energy Bank

The 2N® EnergyBank battery source is intended as a back-up power supply for the 2N® EasyGate and 2N® SmartGate analogue GSM/UMTS gateways, providing the necessary backup to 12V equipment with a maximum consumption of 1A in the event of power failure.


You can find a wide range of phones for different uses in our product portfolio.


2N can provide you with a wide range of GSM anntennas, which are necessary equipment for GSM Gateways (Fixed Wireless Terminals). The antennas are available with different connectors according to your specific needs.

Antenna Splitters

Antenna splitters (or antenna combiners) can combine all GSM channels of 2N GSM Gateways into up to 8 high gain outdoor or indoor GSM antennas.

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