2N® Access Commander

An access system up and running in 10 minutes

2N® Access Commander is a professional access system based on IP technology. Its main advantage is its simple and intuitive front end. This makes for easy commissioning, not just by skilled technicians, but also by those who have no experience with installing and setting up access control systems. All without even having to go through intensive training or to pore over complicated manuals. 

Product highlights:

2N® Access Commander is, however, far more than just a tool for controlling access to your premises. Its undeniable benefit lies in its in-built attendance register module. Simply put, you get two solutions in one, and you won’t have to invest in another system to record the working hours of your employees.

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2N® Access Commander - Effective management of access systems


  • 2N® Access Commander is delivered as a complete package in the .OVA format intended for importing into the Oracle VM VirtualBox or VMware (version 5) virtual systems.

Minimum HW requirements for the PC/server

  • The specifications below allow for 50 devices (2N Helios IP or or 2N® Access Units) connected to 2N® Access Commander.
  • Operating system
    Any 64-bit system (Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris)
  • CPU
    2GHz; 2 core (x86 – 64)
  • RAM
    4GB (2GB intended for the virtual system + 2GB for the host system)
  • Internet connectivity
    To upgrade the system, an Internet connection is required with a minimum throughput of 512kbit/s.

Supported browsers

  • Optimised for the Google Chrome browser (version 40 or higher)
  • Other supported browsers are:
    Mozilla Firefox (version 35 or higher)
    Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher)
  • As other browsers have not been tested, their full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Recommended limitations for 2N® Access Commander

  • 500 users
  • 100 devices (2N® Access Unit and 2N Helios IP intercoms)

Communication security

  • https protocol

Number of log events

  • 2N® Access Unit and 2N Helios IP intercom – up to 500 events in RAM memory
  • 2N® Access Commander - unlimited
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