We are introducing the 2N® SIP Speaker Horn outdoor speaker

At the end of August, we launched a new product on the IP audio systems market. It is an outdoor speaker for live announcements via an IP network with exceptionally loud and clear sound.


The new speaker can be used for broadcasting live or preset announcements over large areas and premises. The speaker is suitable for large car parks, sports grounds, university campuses, and industrial or residential buildings. You can also use the speaker to actively protect your property. If an unwelcome visitor enters your property, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser.

The speaker automatically performs regular audio tests. If an error is detected, the speaker reports a problem. The device can also monitor ambient noise level. If the noise level exceeds a specified limit, the device automatically responds according to the relevant settings.

The 2N® SIP Speaker Horn functions independently and does not require any additional hardware. You also need not worry about how to install it because the speaker is easily connected to a camera system and IP network.

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