WAN port-based connection back-up is here!

Add new services and save costs with 2N® EasyRoute

Whether you use ADSL, cable or Wi-Fi Internet access, you will certainly appreciate services such as DHCP server or active Internet connection back-up. If having a back-up data connection is vital, you can rest assured that the 2N® EasyRoute will fulfil this task perfectly. In addition it will also provide router features for your network, so you will not need to spend money on an expensive router. All you need with this solution is an ordinary modem.


We offer the 2N® EasyRoute with a WAN port in various sales scenarios. All these new scenarios share the same properties:

  • Extending the services offered by the existing modem/router solution
  • Saving costs (both hardware and tariff-related)
  • Actively backing up your Internet connection

How does it work?

The WAN port in the 2N® EasyRoute is a new feature which allows you to use your existing Internet connection as well as a 3G connection. The 2N® EasyRoute can therefore be connected to any Ethernet interface and you can then just use the features offered by the 2N® EasyRoute.

SchémaThe key benefit of the WAN port is that it identifies any loss of your primary Internet connection and redirects the entire data flow to a back-up network – a 3G network in this case. That is why this scenario is called Connection Back-up. As soon as the original connection is restored, it takes over the whole data flow again.


  • Cheaper fixed connection bills
  • Cheaper hardware
  • 3G tariff charged only for the time of using the back-up*

If you want to avoid being left high and dry with no data connection, and save costs at the same time, the 2N® EasyRoute back-up system is definitely the best solution for you.


Case StudyFor those who already know the successful sales scenario Prepaid Wi-Fi Hot Spot, the WAN port opens up new opportunities. Using the WAN port you can now add the entire billing system to your existing Internet connection, thus combining the benefits of fixed and mobile connection.


  • Hot Spot function in the fixed connection system
  • No major changes in the configuration of your network
  • Active connection back-up

And the guests in your café will be totally satisfied.

*Depending on the mobile operator's tariff.

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