Visual signalling of IP intercom status

The 2N IP portfolio of intercoms has expanded to include two new models - the 2N® Helios IP Uni and 2N® Helios IP Force – which are designed for users with hearing difficulty or impaired orientation ability.


These new models have three special pictograms which signal the status of the intercom:

  • orange = ringing (a visitor has pressed the button on the intercom and the intercom is connecting the call)
  • blue = call (the visitor is speaking with a responsible person in the building)
  • green = opened door (the responsible person has opened the door and allowed the visitor to enter the building, or a card has been used for identification)

The main advantage is that the user need not configure anything, and visual signalling works automatically as soon as the intercom is connected. Both models are single-button versions. In addition, with the 2N® Helios IP Force, it is also possible to choose an intercom with or without a video camera. Order numbers are:

  • 2N® Helios IP Uni: 9153101P
  • 2N® Helios IP Force with video camera: 9151101CRP
  • 2N® Helios IP Force without video camera: 9151101RP

The 2N® Helios IP Vario intercom with display, is also equipped with visual signalling. With these models, you see the status of the device such as, for example, making a call, call connected, call has been terminated, etc., directly on the intercom screen. Order numbers are:

  • 2N® Helios IP Vario with video camera: 9137160CKDU
  • 2N® Helios IP Vario without video camera: 9137160KDU

With the new intercom models, 2N has flexibly responded to the needs of the French market, where local legislation requires that all intercoms installed in public buildings can also be used by people with hearing difficulty or impaired orientation ability. We believe that these intercoms will also meet with a positive response on other markets.





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