Using 2N M2M Solutions in Smart City Projects

2N® SmartCom PRO and 2N® SmartCom terminals are deployed in Smart City projects in various cities around Europe. In combination with the Enectiva solution this allows on-line monitoring of the consumption of electricity, gas, heat and water in schools, kindergartens, at city offices, in council housing apartment buildings, but also monitoring the e.g. public lighting energy usage.


What is Smart City?

Smart City is a topical subject for many cities around the world. This rather general notion covers projects that make use of modern technology to bring improvements in areas such as public infrastructure and the efficient running of the city itself. This includes transport, energy, waste management, health care, asset administration and urban technology operation, such as public lighting.

Solution Architecture

The solution for Smart City projects can use different options of the 2N® SmartCom PRO and 2N® SmartCom products for the remote readout of data, and the Enectiva software solution from our partner company – Enerfis. This online monitoring tool is built largely around the collection of energy data and other information, using 2N hardware and simplifies the management of energy data to the utmost. This is why such energy monitoring via this application is currently used in numerous cities in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Spain.

Implementing Smart Metering without External Subsidies

The combination of the Enectiva cloud-based solution with 2N hardware brings an energy monitoring solution that allows implementing Smart City projects without the help of subsidies or other forms of external financing. This allows towns and municipalities to implement and fund Smart Metering typically from just their operating budget.

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