Updated Firmware 1.25 for GSM Gateways

2N is releasing additional updates to its firmware for 2N® VoiceBlue Next, 2N® VoiceBlue MAX, 2N® BlueTower, 2N® StarGate, 2N® BRI Lite and 2N® BRI Enterprise GSM gateways. Version 1.25 brings not only bug fixes, but also a number of new functionalities and improvements.


  • NTP client – enables synchronisation of a GSM gateway time even from a publicly accessible server. The gateway always has the current time set, enabling correct functionality and records of calls and text messages.
  • New GUI (Graphical User Interface) for viewing the status of GSM/UMTS modules – provides easier control of all GSM modules, as well as an immediate overview of their status across a whole GSM gateway.
  • Access to the web interface for text message users – more users can now log on to a GSM gateway over the web interface and send text messages directly from the interface. This functionality is automatically available for all customers who purchase an Email2SMS and/or SMPP licence.
  • Improved stability of 2N® VoiceBlue Next and 2N® VoiceBlue MAX GSM gateways under heavy 24/7 traffic.

A description of all new functionalities, including the link for downloading the new firmware version 1.25 can be found at 2N’s website under the relevant GSM gateway in the Download section.



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