The 2N® NetSpeaker IP Audio System Reports Hot News

2N® NetSpeaker introduces a software package that offers new ways of using this unique product for audio broadcasting. The package includes SIP Protocol Support, the Scheduler option, SD card Support and Multicast Support.


2N® NetSpeaker IP Audio SystemSIP Protocol Support

Every company that owns 2N® NetSpeaker and a PBX with VoIP support can combine the functions of the two systems. This will enable you to make announcements in the audio system from any telephone, simply by dialling a specific number.


The timing of a school bell, regular playing of taped advertising spots in department stores, automatic announcements with information at airports and railway stations...  All that is enabled by the new Scheduler function in the service software.

Support for Multicast

If identical audio content is sent to several 2N® NetSpeakers, Multicast support makes it possible to make better use of network features and at the same time reduce the demands on the computer on which 2N® NetSpeaker server runs.

SD Card Support in 2N® NetSpeaker

Now it is possible to play files saved locally on the SD card of each 2N® NetSpeaker. The trigger for the launch of the playing of those files may either be a specified time condition in the Planner or the switching on of the 2N® NetSpeaker logical input. By switching on, we mean the pressing of a connected button or switch, a signal from a motion detector, etc.

Are you interested in this new product? For more information about this IP audio system click here.

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