Technical trainings schedule for the year 2011

If you are interested in our technical trainings, please see below the specific dates when the trainings will take place during the year 2011.


Training sessionTechnical trainings - dates for 2011:

24-28.1.      2N® Netstar
07.-10.2      GSM Gateways
22.-24.2.     UMTS products and Communicators
21.-24.3.     2N® Netstar
11.-14.4.     GSM Gateways
09.-11.5.     UMTS products and Communicators
13.-16.6.     2N® Netstar
11.-15.7.     GSM Gateways
15.-18.8.     2N® Netstar
05.-07.9.     UMTS products and Communicators
17.-20.10.   GSM Gateways
21.-24.11.   2N® Netstar
05.-07.12.   UMTS products and Communicators

RegisterYou can select the most suitable date and register for it  in the Advanced Technical Trainings section or you can see all these events in our interactive events calendar where you can add training you select to your Outlook.

More information If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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