Source Materials for Promotion of the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD®

2N has prepared the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® package of source marketing materials to promote intercom security functionalities with the help of simple symbols for all its partners.


At the start of 2014, we started a new communication campaign called 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD®, at 2N, which simply and comprehensibly presents all the security functionalities of 2N IP intercoms. As part of the campaign, we created a comprehensive set of source promotional materials for our business partners. They can now easily explain what benefits 2N intercoms will bring their customers.

What does the set of promotional materials contain?

The 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® promotional package includes:

  • Easy-to-understand info graphics describing the five basic areas of the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® and its security functionalities
  • A manual describing the security functionalities of 2N IP intercoms in detail
  • A simple 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® logo manual with sample uses of the symbols on various promotional materials (leaflet, catalogue, advertisements, etc.)
  • An HTML template for a newsletter for distribution to customers
  • A website banner describing the basic logic of the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® (selection of area, selection of functionality, selection of product)
  • Small stickers to supplement your promotional materials (e.g. leaflets, catalogues, etc.)
  • Sample texts describing the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD®
  • A presentation explaining the use of these symbols

What does the set offer you?

We trust that this set of marketing materials will not only significantly facilitate communication with your customers, but also help you obtain an advantage over the competition. The simple symbols for security functionalities and the distinct colours of the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® supplement the top quality of our IP intercoms. They represent the best that today’s global market can offer in this field.

Where will you find this set?

The set of materials for the promotion of intercom security functionalities using the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® is available to all our partners at the marketing FTP, including source files. If you still don’t have access to this data source, please contact your account manager.

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