Sell-off of discontinued products – discounts of up to 70%

We would like to offer you the opportunity of purchasing our end of line discontinued products at a highly discounted price. Register and every 14 days you will receive an up-to-date list of the products we are selling off with prices.


shopping-cartRegister using our contact form and you will be among the first to be informed about the discounted sale of our discontinued products. Twice a month you will receive the latest list of end of line products, including prices. The discounts will be up to 70% off the standard list prices! If you are one of our partners you will be able to monitor which products are being sold off and then you can combine your standard order with an order for the sale products, or place an order for just sale items.

All the products being sold off benefit from the standard 2-year guarantee! In addition you will benefit from all the same 2N services as provided when purchasing a standard product at the list price.

Register here

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