Security is the priority for 2N

On 14 January 2014, we are launching a new global communication on the security functions of the 2N® Helios IP intercom range. We have called the communication campaign, 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD®.


Why did we create the 2N 360°SECURITY SHIELD®?

We see security as a key attribute in all areas, and so we decided to focus more on a detailed presentation of 2N intercom security functions. For clarity and easier comprehension, we created a simple set of symbols called the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD®, which cover all these security functions in five basic areas – IT Security, Intercom Security, Access Security, Visitor Security and Building Security.


How does the 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® work?

We proceeded on the principle that the customer’s needs always come first. As soon as we understand this need, we augment it with knowledge of the field in which it does business. We then select the security function, and finally we recommend the intercom most suitable for the given need and customer.


Where and how will you encounter the new Shield?  

As of 14 January, you will find clear and comprehensible information graphics on our website. This animation will allow you to better understand all the security functions of 2N intercoms. The animation is designed so that it can be displayed on older browsers and mobile devices, including tablets. We will also add 2N 360° SECURITY SHIELD® symbols to all our marketing materials, and you will find these updated materials, including master files and graphics on the partner FTP.

We believe this new form of communication will give you a significant competitive advantage and help you stay ahead of the competition.


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