Renaming IP audio products

As the IP audio system product range has been extended by numerous new devices, we have decided to rename the existing product portfolio.


Many new devices have been added to the IP audio product range over the last few years. Unfortunately, certain product names have become confusing with the growing number of product types. 2N has therefore decided to rename its existing portfolio of IP audio products. The new product names better reflect the functionalities of the individual products.

These modifications only affect the product names and the order numbers of IP audio products remain unchanged. The following scheme will now be applied:

  • speakers will have the expression “Speaker” in the name (2N® Net Speaker, in Q1/2016 the new 2N® SIP Speaker)
  • microphone consoles will have the expression “Mic” in the name  (2N® Net Mic, in Q1/2016 the new 2N® SIP Mic)
  • two-way converters of IP audio signal to analogue and vice versa will have the expression “Converter” in the name (2N® SIP Audio Converter)
  • one-way converters of IP audio signal to analogue will have the expression “Decoder”/“Encoder” in the name  (2N® Net Audio Decoder, 2N® Net Audio Encoder)
  • applications will have the expression “IP Audio” in the name (2N® IP Audio Manager, 2N® IP Audio Console, etc.)

A table showing all changes in product names is provided below.

We are aware that these changes will initially require some extra effort by 2N and by our partners. However, we are confident that we will be able to successfully spread awareness of the new terminology globally through our joint efforts. We also believe that the new product names will make this product range easier to navigate for our partners and their customers.

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