CeBIT 2010: 2N introduces new, innovative telecommunication solutions

2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, an ICT company, will take the opportunity of CeBIT 2010 trade fair to introduce the 3G Mobile Office, the M2M, the PBX Booster for saving calling costs, the IP solution for door communication, and the 3G Wi-Fi Hot Spot. The entire range of ICT technologies offered by 2N will be on display from the 2nd to the 6th of March in Hall 13, at stand C13.


3G Mobile Office

„There is an ever-growing number of companies who have more and more off-site employees, or who make it possible for their staff to work from home to the largest extent possible“ says Kateřina Köllnerová, Product Manager at 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE. „„2N offers an all-in-one telecommunication solution in a single device that provides a simultaneous connection to the Internet, voice telephony and FAX“ Furthermore, the 2N® Mobility Extensionmobile phones provide a feature to assure the customer does not miss a single call, receiving all business calls on the mobile phone. „The Mobile Office is an ideal choice particularly for newly established offices and branches, or temporary and mobile offices of companies in the construction industry, geology, and similar areas,“ says Kateřina Köllnerová.


This is the first time 2N brings M2M to CeBIT. Our solutions are intended mainly for measurements and readings, remote control and management. „If a customised solution with maximum capacity is what the customer requires, we are ready to match our innovative solutions to his or her specific needs,“ adds Pavel Chrudimský, Regional Sales Director.

PBX Booster for saving calling costs

Private branch exchanges (PBX) are the most wide-spread telecommunication system in the corporate segment used in office communication. The PBX Booster, which is easily connected to the company’s existing PBX, allows users to cut the costs of voice calls by as much as possible. In addition, the PBX Booster provides new, extended services, such as the 2N® Mobility Extension or a virtual conference room option, and a range of other solutions that do not require customers to make a transition from their existing systems.

IP solution for door communication

The facility entry management solution has offered the door-opening feature directly from a desk phone, a mobile phone or a software application for quite some time. Now the purely IP-based door intercoms also include a structured phone directory that provides an easy search for the right contact as well as free advertising space. The door intercoms are well suited for integration into the existing IP structure.

3G Wi-Fi Hot Spot

3G Wi-Fi Hot Spot brings a new and very interesting business opportunity to operators of hotels, petrol stations, restaurants, and similar establishments. The operator can offer a premium service to its customers by providing a prepaid Internet connection for a fee set by the operator. At the same time, this service does not require any large investments nor does it bring forth any special personnel requirements. All it takes is to generate a unique, time-limited access code. For the first time at CeBIT, a brand new design of the Wi-Fi Hot Spot 2N® EasyRoute will be introduced.

2N has been a regular participant at the prestigious CeBIT telecommunication trade fair in Hanover since 1998. This year, 2N will present its solutions from the 2nd to the 6th of March 2010 in Hall 13, at Stand C13.

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