2N TELEKOMUNIKACE is entering the German lift phone market

2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, a leading manufacturer and supplier of lift phones, decided to enter the German market at the end of 2009 with new security communication systems for lifts. The new 2N® products SingleTalk and 2N® LiftNet, represent an ideal solution for emergency communication and meet the highest requirements for quality and functionality according to European Union standards.


2N focuses on lift manufacturers who are primarily active in the area of the manufacture and installation of new lifts, modernisation and renovation, and also lift service organisations, manufacturers of key pads, and distributors of lift components. “We do not want to settle for the role of a mere manufacturer and supplier. We actively develop our products according to the special requirements of our business partners,” says Josef Bešta, Lift Department Director.

The lift communication solution, 2N® SingleTalk, can call for help when people are stuck in the lift cabin. The system is capable of calling up to 6 different phone numbers. The key benefits of the product include:

  • simple solution for a single lift cabin,
  • fully powered by the phone line,
  • very quick and easy installation.

2N® LiftNet system, providing emergency connection between the lift cabin and the service organisation, offers:

  • communication unit in the cabin, on the cabin, in the shaft, and in the machine room,
  • connection of up to 8 lifts to one PSTN/GSM/PBX phone line,
  • unique conference call ability between the units.

An advantage of the system is the voice menu making programming easy.

2N communication systems fully comply with the applicable European legislation, have the necessary TÜV certifications, and comply with EN 81-28 and EN 81-70 standards.

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