PBX Booster: An innovation in the telecommunications market

2N recently installed a PBX Booster into the town hall and administration buildings in Prerov, a town with approximately 60,000 inhabitants situated in the eastern part of the Czech Republic.


Our solution in detail

The booster was connected to the customer's central Alcatel 4400 PBX System via a VoIP interface. The remote offices now benefit from the 2N® Mobility Extension services and the 2N® NetStar Operation Software allowing the office managers to take incoming calls via their IP Phones registered to the PBX Booster and all calls can now be recorded and stored on the internal servers hard disk drive for future analysis.

Our customers

Other customers benefiting from the 2N PBX Booster include Coca Cola and Czech Railways.

What is PBX Booster?

A PBX Booster is a device that can be connected to any existing private branch exchange via VoIP, ISDN or analogue interface. The PBX Booster can then fulfil not only a gateway function, but can bring you many other useful features such as 2N® Mobility Extension, IVR, VoiceMail, Email to SMS, SMS to Email, virtual conference rooms, etc.

Do you want to become our partner selling PBX Booster? Please contact Jaroslav Lambert, Product Manager.

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