Open the Door to Visitors using Various Devices

A 2N IP intercom installed on your gate or entrance door in combination with the 2N® Indoor Touch unit will always inform you about who has come to visit. Plus you will be able to see the call from the intercom on your tablet or mobile phone.


Therefore it doesn’t matter if you are in the garden, the bedroom or the living room. You can take the call from your entrance using your 2N® Indoor Touch unit, tablet or mobile phone – whatever you happen to have on hand. Plus an image from the intercom’s integrated camera will also be visible on the device’s display. Thanks to this you will always know if a family visitor or uninvited guest has arrived.

That’s why everyone who wants to see and hear the people who have come to visit or why someone has rung their bell uses modern IP intercoms from 2N. They can be used for family houses and villas as well as for residential complexes. From the comfort of your home you can invite your visitors inside and explain where they can find you. Or you can tell a delivery man to leave a package with reception.

Plus, in combination with the advanced 2N® Indoor Touch communicator, you get a professional door communication system. Thanks to its elegant black or white colour and stylish glass touch panel, it matches any interior wonderfully and will become a designer accessory for your home.

Take a look at a short video on how it could work for you.

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