NFC-ready 2N IP video intercoms

We have developed a new NFC-ready card reader for the 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Helios IP Force video intercoms. Together with the 2N® Access Unit and the new 2N® Mobile Key SW application for mobile telephones, we now offer a comprehensive security solution for building access using NFC.


We launched our new access system, the 2N® Access Unit onto the market last month. This consists of an autonomous IP reader for RFID cards with support for NFC technology (Near Field Communication). The 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Helios IP Force IP intercoms can now be fitted with a card reader that supports NFC. This reader is supported by firmware from version 2.11 up and an NFC licence must be purchased for operation.

And to ensure we provide a complete solution, we have also prepared the new 2N® Mobile Key application, which will transform your telephone into an access card. It is designed for all smartphones with Android system version 4.0 or higher, and requires NFC/CHCE support to work properly.


Use of NFC in practice

You will particularly appreciate NFC technology when resolving access to a building or managing the movement of people in the building. Simply install a 2N IP video intercom with an NFC reader or 2N® Access Unit at your main entrance. Then, every mobile phone user with the 2N® Mobile Key application will be able to use their device as an access card to the building. All they have to do is place their mobile phone against the device on the wall, which will identify them and subsequently allow or deny them access to the building.

How does NFC work?

Advanced NFC technology allows two-way wireless communication between electronic devices. These communicate over a short distance of millimetres or centimetres (usually to a maximum of 4 cm). And it is precisely this very short range that is the main prerequisite for the security of this technology.

What does NFC offer?

Aside from greater security and reliability, you reduce the administrative burden of cases when an employee forgets their access card at home or even loses it. In this case, they simply open the door with the aid of their telephone with the 2N® Mobile Key application. And last but not least, the financial savings are also worth a mention or the fact there is less chance of the attendance system being “circumvented”.

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