New wireless LTE router from 2N

Get the fastest internet connection and make sure your data is available at all times!

We are proud to announce that 2N is currently launching a new wireless LTE router 2N® SpeedRoute onto the market, which supports the latest technology in the area of LTE/4G mobile networks and thus affords users a unique experience in terms of communication speed and the use of data-heavy multimedia applications!


One of the main characteristics of LTE technology is the possibility of high-speed data transmission (up to 100Mbps). At such high speeds of data transmission, the ideal use for such technology is for the backup of fixed connections, such as ADSL technology for instance. Such use is usually required for equipment and customers who need to be online 24/7, for example, bank terminals, payment terminals, CCTV cameras and many more, for which the LTE router 2N® SpeedRoute is a great solution!

Wireless LTE Router

The main advantages of the LTE router 2N® SpeedRoute include:

  • High-speed internet connection wherever you are
  • Secure backup of primary internet connection 24/7
  • Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot via LTE
  • Simple installation
  • Intuitive control via web interface
  • Fallback to UMTS/GSM

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which is also known as 4G and which is the successor to UMTS technology, is deployed by all leading telecommunication operators around the world. LTE represents the latest standard in mobile network technologies.

Thanks to LTE technology we can look forward to significantly higher data transmission speeds. Currently attainable speeds are around 100Mbps for download and 50Mbps for upload. In the future we can look forward to speeds of up to 300Mbps.

If you are interested in more information about the new LTE router produced by 2N, or if you are interested in LTE technology in general, please read this leaflet or contact us directly with any questions or enquiries, and we will get back to you right away.

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