New version of the 2N® Access Commander software with Linux

The new 1.1.0 version of the 2N® Access Commander software with numerous improvements, new functions and bug fixes was released in June.


Support for the Linux operating system is the most significant difference between the new software and the previous version. The software is now available for Windows, as well as Linux operating systems. The size of this software has been greatly reduced since the new version is distributed as a full installation pack based on the Linux operating system. You can now download a file with a size as little as 550MB instead of the original 11GB version based on the Windows operating system.

The upgraded version of the software also brings:

  • Bulk synchronization of all equipment within the system – there is no longer any need to enter changes in the configuration for all devices separately. Changes are entered immediately in all 2N IP intercoms and autonomous readers with the single push of a button.
  • Modification of the attendance system – rewritten from the Microsoft Silverlight platform to the HTML5 code. This change corresponds with the latest trend – for example Google Chrome no longer supports the Silverlight platform. What’s more, this modification has unified the overall appearance of the application.
  • Option of using an external USB reader – RFID cards can be added to users easily and quickly by connecting a USB reader to your computer.
  • Modification of the guide at the first launch – the guide including description of individual steps opens automatically with the first login to the application.

The installation pack is already available from our website, directly on the 2N® Access Commander product pages, Download section. You can download and import the software to the virtual computer (VirtualBox) here. The installation process is as simple as in the previous version. In addition, you can test the new version online on our DEMO server.

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