New version of the 2N® Access Commander software 1.2.0

We released the new 2N® Access Commander software as version 1.2.0 in mid September. It brings many new functions and improvements for all users and access system administrators.


What you get with the new software version:

  • Use of a single installation of 2N® Access Commander for multiple companies – this functionality will be especially appreciated by administrators of large buildings or office complexes where access rights need to be managed. Administrators can easily create as many companies as needed within a single installation of 2N® Access Commander and assign the appropriate access rights to them.
  • 2N® Access Commander is now available in seven different language versions. The same languages as in 2N® Helios IP intercoms are supported, i.e. Czech, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and French.
  • Display configuration for 2N® Helios IP Vario door intercoms – the system automatically recognizes intercoms with a display and facilitates fast display configuration. You can easily create contact lists with photos of individual users, save various images or screen savers, etc.
  • Export of attendance records to .CSV files – users can use the collected attendance data from 2N® Access Commander with other third-party systems (such as payroll systems, advanced attendance systems, etc.) 

2N® Access Commander version 1.2.0 is again distributed as a complete installation package based on the Linux operating system. You can simply import it to Oracle VM VirtualBox or VMware version 5. The installation package is available for downloading directly from our website. You can also find it on our public server.

In addition, if you need to upgrade version 1.1.0 to a newer version while maintaining your current settings, there is no need to repeat the entire installation process. All you need to do is connect 2N® Access Commander to the internet and select the “Settings – System Update” section in the web interface. Press the button for upgrade and wait for the whole system to be automatically upgraded. You can also test the new version online on our DEMO server.

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