New version of software for lift communicators

2N software applications for lift communicators form together a complete call center system for lifts, which enables not only complete administration of the communicators, but also and easy manipulation of alarm calls. We have released a new 1.8 version of software, which provides first of all a more sophisticated management of groups of lifts and users.


Upgraded version of the software will enable you to clearly divide lift communicators and users into groups. You can easily group these for example by districts, buildings or independent projects according to a customer. The system administrator can, moreover, restrict access for each user to such groups only which he or she belongs to.

A new user role „SuperUser“ – is a definite advantage of the new software. The SuperUser functions as an „administrator“ of a group of lift communicators and can make necessary changes in the group. This user can for example easily create new users (a technician or a system operator) or add new lift communicators to the group.

More new functions and improvements in the 1.8 version are:

  • localization of menu and messages into Portuguese
  • adjusted translations of legends in SW applications
  • improved support of 2N® Lift8 Camera module
  • improved audio after downloading a picture from a camera module
  • database optimization upon deleting of old control call records
  • shutdown of the operation of a lift upon failure of a telephone line
  • possibility to connect control calls directly to the lift in question
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