New version 1.3.0 of the 2N® Access Commander software

The new version 1.3.0 of the 2N® Access Commander software with many new functions and improvements was released at the beginning of December. This time we have focused on modifying the user permissions within the system and facilitating administration of internal 2N® Indoor Touch units.


What are the new functions we offer our customers in the new version?

  • New user permissions in the system – in view of the results of UX testing, we have included more detail in specifying permissions for the “Manager” role. Permissions for this role can now be set to three different levels:
    • Managers with permission to edit attendance of their subordinates (usually managers leading their own teams)
    • Managers with permission to add new users to the system, allocate access cards, PINs, telephone numbers (for example receptionists or HR staff hiring new employees)
    • Managers with both permission types referred to above
  • Configuration of internal 2N® Indoor Touch units – you no longer have to walk to every single unit in a residential building to perform lengthy configuration via a touch screen. All you need to do is start 2N® Access Commander, connect it to the relevant unit and configure it via a web interface.
    Note: We are also preparing a web interface for 2N® Indoor Touch, which will be available in version 2.0 in January/February 2016.
  • Automated data synchronization – you no longer have to click the “Synchronize” button after each change you wish to record to an intercom or access unit. Synchronization now runs automatically in the background of the system. This means that any change you confirm in 2N® Access Commander will be automatically transferred to the relevant devices.
  • Export of attendance data to PDF – you can easily export the data to a PDF document, print it out, and file it in your archives. Companies that archive their employee attendance data will especially appreciate this new function.
  • Option of entering a license file into the system directly in the Wizard – the setup assistant
  • Sample CSV file for importing users – 2N® Access Commander now includes a sample file with all prerequisites for those who want to import a user to the system via a CSV file. You can download the sample file, modify it as necessary and then upload it back to the system.

The installation packet with the new version of 2N® Access Commander is now available for downloading directly from our website. If you already have 2N® Access Commander installed and only want to upgrade to the latest version, you can upgrade simply via the software’s web interface in the “Settings – System Update” section.

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