New SW application 2N® NetStar Records Manager for managing recorded calls

We are pleased to announce that we are preparing a new web 2N® NetStar Records Manager application for our customers and partners. This application allows the simple management and rapid filtration of recorded calls in the 2N® NetStar and 2N® NetStar IP communication systems with the newly developed firmware version of 4.1.X and higher.


Thanks to our application you can now clearly filter all the recorded calls according to various categories, for example number (called and caller), data and time. Immediately after logging in to the system each user will see the recording of his calls and, depending on the allocated user rights, any recordings of calls of other users (e.g. the administrator). He will not only be able to play recordings in the internet browser, but also to comment directly in the 2N® NetStar Records Manager application or, for example, download them to his computer for further use.



Users will also appreciate the fact that only one 2N® NetStar Records Manager application will be needed for all 2N® NetStar communication systems. After being installed on the server each user will be able to log into it effortlessly via the specific URL in the internet browser. There must be a functional internet connection for it to work.

It will be on sale at the end of 2013 in the form of a licence in Czech and English versions.

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