New release of 2N® Access Commander

We bring you the new version of the 2N® Access Commander software for managing site access rights and bulk configuring 2N devices. We have completely revamped the user interface. Following thorough testing we decided to go with Google Material Design, making our software more user friendly and intuitive.


And what else is new in version 1.5.0?

Change of software licensing

  • 2N® Access Commander will no longer be licensed on the basis of a generated ‘Computer ID’
  • The license will be issued against the S/N of one of the intercoms (user selected), that are managed through the software
  • Customers will get the option to order the required licence before the software is installed and so they don´t need to waste time going back to the installation site.

Note: Within 3 months of upgrading to version 1.5.0, all of the previously generated licences will have to be re-generated!

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP)

  • you can download the company user information you need (name, phone number, email, etc.) and verify their permissions 
  • the administrator no longer has to manually add all company employees one by one into the next system
  • any change in the Active Directory is automatically reflected in the access system
  • the feature is licensed

Device monitoring and notification

Get an overview of all the devices, and specifically, whether they:

  • are online and registered to a SIP proxy server
  • have a functioning microphone and speaker (Audio Loop test)
  • have not been tampered with (the Tamper switch) or the premises breached (the door broken).

The administrator always has current information about there being a problem, so it can be dealt with as needed.

Global search across the entire system

  • just type any part of the search term into the top bar and 2N® Access Commander will seek the given expression at once

Integration with XProtect® Access

The access system is almost always installed in buildings together with a camera system. The integration will allow you to:

  • monitor both systems through one interface
  • send all access logs from 2N® Access Commander directly to the Milestone XProtect Access monitoring system
  • link events concerning access to recordings from the monitoring cameras

For an overview of all the new features and changes, including the option to download the new software in version 1.5.0, see the product in the Download section.

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