Expressions: New Method of Promoting IP Intercoms

We would like to present a new concept for promoting the 2N IP intercom portfolio. Our aim is to simplify and unify their creative design as much as possible, highlight their unique benefits and give them a new, unique and easy to remember identity.


We based this on the idea that each intercom is unique thanks to its features, and we endeavoured to reflect this uniqueness in their creative design. We therefore chose straightforward and clear symbolism. As you can see for yourselves, each intercom is personified by a distinctive male representative in a situation that symbolises one of the main benefits of the intercom in question. The resulting visuals stand out, are easy to remember and perfectly capture the main message.

From now on, you will encounter them in all promotional tools, whether at exhibitions, in online campaigns or selected print materials. As always, you can find the source files for your further use on the partner FTP.

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