New licensing model for 2N® Helios IP intercoms

From October 2012, 2N® Helios IP intercoms will have a new licensing system. Instead of one license for all licensed features, there will now be four specialized licenses, so that customers only need to pay for the features they truly need.


A general license for all features will still be available, as well as a separate license for the G.729 audio codec. New licenses can be purchased for all intercoms (except 2N ® Helios IP Uni) with firmware versions 1.16.0 or higher. For 2N ® Helios IP Uni will be only the G.729 codec license available in the future.  


Ord. No




2N® Helios IP License - Enhanced Audio

User sounds


2N® Helios IP License - Enhanced Video

RTSP streaming server


2N® Helios IP License - Enhanced Integration

Extended lock control (call activation, quick dial button activation, time profiles for locks), Picture to email, auto updates (TFTP), HTTP commands for lock control


2N® Helios IP License - Enhanced Security

802.1x network authentication protocol


2N® Helios IP License - Gold License

All the above features, but does not include G.729 codec.


G.729 codec license (valid for 2N® Helios IP models & 2N®  SIP Speaker)

G.729 codec, temporarily unavailable for 2N® Helios IP Uni

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