New firmware for 2N® Indoor Touch

2N is releasing new firmware version 2.0 for the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator. It brings a web interface for remote configuration, WiFi support and lots of other new features in the 2N® Helios IP Mobile application.


Users can look forward to:

  • Web interface2N® Indoor Touch will now have the option for remote configuration and administration via a web browser. This makes it significantly easier to manage, above all for large residential installations. 
  • WiFi support – thanks to the WiFi module it is now possible to connect to a local network wirelessly. The product can be installed even in places without network cable connectivity. To use this function it is necessary to have 2N® Indoor Touch equipped with WiFi.
  • HTTP API support – this interface allows for remotely controlling selected functionality of the 2N® Indoor Touch unit via HTTP protocol. Thanks to this, 2N® Indoor Touch is easy to integrate with third-party products, especially home automation systems. This is a complementary feature for which an additional license is required (order no. 91378395).

Included with the new firmware 2.0 for 2N® Indoor Touch is the 2N® Helios IP Mobile application in version 4.2. This brings whole range of new features – for example:

  • Doorbell support – 2N® Indoor Touch purchased after 1/3/2016 can be made to ring subject to connecting a button. A typical installation is in residential buildings, fitted with the entrance intercom 2N Helios IP and in the individual flats the 2N® Indoor Touch with a connected door bell. Then it is just a matter of pressing the button at the door and the 2N® Indoor Touch will ring instead of the door bell.
  • Video answering machine function – if no one is at home, the visitor can easily leave a message. Optionally, you can record a message that is played back immediately upon the automatic acceptance of a call. After coming home the owner can simply play back the video message directly from the list of missed calls.
  • Relay-closing during an incoming call – in the case of an incoming call from the 2N Helios IP intercom we can activate e.g. an external bell or light-signalling devices on the 2N® Indoor Touch. This is particularly useful for elderly or disabled users or for integration with a home automation systems.
  • Ring-tones – the ability to set any welcome melody as with mobile phones, for example, from an mp3 or wav file.

For a detailed overview of all the new features and changes see the release notes, always on the specific product page in the Download section. For detailed instructions on setting up the Doorbell button function and the incoming call Relay-closing feature see our website, in the FAQ section.

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