New firmware 2.14 for access systems

2N is issuing a new firmware upgrade for all 2N Helios IP intercoms and 2N® Access Unit devices. Version 2.14 brings several new functions and improvements.


Users can look forward to the following innovations once they have upgraded the firmware for their access systems:

  • Change in card configuration. Customers can now limit card types accepted by 2N® Access Unit and IP intercom readers to allow only card types they actually use. This will result not only in greater security, but also improved device performance. Card readers with default settings will still read all supported card types.
  • Initiation of test calls directly from the intercom’s configuration web interface. Technicians installing devices no longer need to be physically at the intercom while testing SIP calls. These can now be tested remotely through the 2N Helios IP intercom web interface.
  • Arabic and Hebrew supported by the 2N® Helios IP Vario intercom with display.
  • Improved HTTP API. The new firmware allows you to customize intercom and 2N® Access Unit responses to orders received, for example, from a smart video phone. They can respond by sending a message in your language (“The door is open”) or an empty message without text. 

Download the new firmware in version 2.14! The upgrade for each product is available on the relevant product page in the Download section.


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