New fire audio unit, the 2N® Lift8 Fireman Unit

In response to market demand, we have developed a new fire audio unit, the 2N® Lift8 Fireman Unit, for the 2N® Lift8 communication system.


2N® Lift8 Fireman UnitThe 2N® Lift8 Fireman Unit is a fire audio unit  that is required at the firefighter staging area in front of a fire lift pursuant to European standard EN81-72. Here it ensures two-way communication between the fire lift cabin and firefighter staging area.

It is activated using the prescribed triangle for emergency release and switching the triangular switch to position "1". By pressing the “TALK”button on the fire audio unit, you allow communication from the staging area directly with the lift cabin. After releasing the “TALK” button, you can then hear communication from the cabin.

It is also possible to connect the 2N® Lift8 Fireman Unit with the machine room audio unit connected to the 2N® Lift8 system in one lift shaft using a two-wire bus, and to communicate not only with the cabin but also the machine room.

The 2N® Lift8 Fireman Unit fire audio unit is supported by firmware for 2N® Lift8 version 1.6.0.

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