New Card Reader Operating on a Frequency of 13.56MHz

A new internal RFID card reader is available for the 2-button version and pictogram version of the 2N® Helios IP Force door intercom. The card reader supports more secure standards such as HID iClass, Mifare, DESFire, etc., which unlike older versions, operate on a higher reader frequency of 13.56MHz.


So how does this make it more secure? Identification data on the above cards is stored in encrypted form and a card cannot therefore be duplicated without knowing the encryption key.

In addition to reading cards, the new reader has the same options as the current reader operating on a frequency of 125 kHz. This means passive and active output, two inputs, a weigand interface and a security switch to signal when the front panel is open. Accessories are also available in the form of Mifare cards and key rings.

We therefore now have two types of RFID card readers for potential buyers: a new reader operating on a frequency of 13.56MHz and the original reader operating on a frequency of 125 kHz.


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