New 2N® Indoor Touch Variant with Wi-Fi Support

From the end of May all 2N customers have available a new variant of the 2N® Indoor Touch communicator with Wi-Fi access support. It has its place especially in the residential sector.


The main benefit of the new 2N® Indoor Touch variant is that you will not need an ethernet cable to connect the communicator to the local network. You will thus avoid the additional installation of data connectivity and any building works. 2N® Indoor Touch panel can be easily commissioned and connected to a network in a few moments.

The new variant of the communicator offers the user all the functionality as before. This includes, among other things, HD audio communication with 2N IP intercoms, a display with high resolution and standby mode, a “Do Not Disturb” mode, as well as the ‘missed calls’ function. You can also use a power adapter or a concealed wiring power source, which is particularly suitable for installing the 2N® Indoor Touch with Wi-Fi in places where PoE is not available.

Order No.: 91378366 Order No.: 91378366WH


When using the Wi-Fi version of the 2N ® Indoor Touch care must be taken to comply with the requirements on the wireless network throughput and Wi-Fi signal quality. Before installing the product, please be sure to check the recommended network requirements for your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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