Milestone XProtect Device Pack 8.7 Supports 2N SIP Audio Products

Our SIP Audio systems have been successfully tested with VMS Milestone and are now part of products that are supported in XProtect Device Pack 8.7 version.


2N® SIP Speaker a 2N® SIP Audio Converter are now fully compatible with XProtect system by Milestone Systems, which is a global leader in VMS. As a part of security solution they not only help to protect people but also property.

The advantage is that you can make reports to 2N® SIP Speaker easily - right from the Milestone environment. You don´t need to install any HW or SW console or telephone. Security, who guards premises using Milestone system, can promptly react to the action that he sees on the screen. He can, for example, drive potential intruders of the premises away by personalized announcement.

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