Milestone device pack fully utilises the advanced functions of 2N IP intercoms

2N® Helios IP intercoms now offer you two-way audio connection and control of outputs directly from Milestone software. Along with the previously existing ability to send video to the Milestone camera system (VMS), the entire system now offers even greater added value for the protection of buildings or other spaces.


Using the cameras and intercoms, the camera system operator not only sees what is happening in the monitored area, but can also react proactively to an arising situation (for example by talking to the perpetrator). He/she can do all this directly from the Milestone software environment. In addition, thanks to the compatibility of the two solutions, you will be able to concentrate all your important security functions in one system, and incur no extra costs for retraining personnel in new technology.

The above functions are available with the latest version of the Milestone device pack 7.3 and with firmware for 2N® Helios IP intercoms version 2.7 and higher.

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