MeetingRoomApp for 2N® Indoor Touch

At 2N we are continually working to improve our services and solutions. This time we tested the application MeetingRoomApp from Letsgood. We can heartily recommend it for use with the multifunction communicator 2N® Indoor Touch.


The MeetingRoomApp application markedly improves the meeting-room booking process. It is thus very popular with out corporate clients. By using it they can avoid confusion when booking premises and can run their business meetings all the better for it.

This software solution is designed for Android devices, which are sited at the entrance to the meeting room. This can be e.g. 2N® Indoor Touch or tablets of various makes. Staff thus have the option to book the venue direct from the meeting room. The benefit that the MeetingRoomApp brings comes from not having to run to your computer or wait for assistance from the receptionist. Moreover, the booking is made direct into the calendar of the given room and so the information is at once available to everyone.

Other benefits include:

  • The booking can be done by anyone, from anywhere and in a matter of seconds
  • Links to Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook extend functionality
  • User friendly design (e.g., colour coding whether the room is free or not)
  • The option to track usage of the respective venues and analyses of meeting costs

Find out more about MeetingRoomApp!

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