IP intercoms from the 2N® Helios IP family are now officially certified as Alcatel-Lucent compatible

In the first quarter of 2013, the compatibility of 2N® Helios IP door and security intercoms with Alcatel-Lucent communication platform was officially confirmed.


The intercoms 2N® Helios IP Vario and the 2N® Helios IP Force were tested with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise platform. The tests concerned the inter-working between the 2N® Helios IP intercoms and the Alcatel-Lucent Communication platforms. The results confirmed that our intercoms fully complement Alcatel-Lucent's products and can benefit from their potential.

Thanks to identical firmware for the whole group of door and security intercoms, the compatibility also applies for all products of the 2N® Helios IP family range. It is therefore officially confirmed for all our partners that our intercoms are verified for use with Alcatel-Lucent communication solutions and ensure proper inter-working with Alcatel-Lucent's products.

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