Introducing new features of the 2N® Helios door intercom

We are happy to announce to you today two new exciting features of the 2N® Helios door intercom. Those two new functions are called User Announcements & Door Opening and Signaling.


We would like to introduce to you latest set of features, which we´ve recently prepared for the analog door intercom. They include especially:

Intercom - door opening
Door Opening and Signaling

An user can easily choose what 2N® Helios announces when the code lock switch is activated. A new parameter offers a silent mode, continuous tone or an user defined announcement i.e. “The door is open, please come in“. The setting is available for the additional switch as well.



Intercom - user announcements
User Announcements

During call establishing 2N® Helios door intercom announces “Wait please, the connection is being made”. If 2N® Helios doesn´t reach the user (all stored numbers are not available), it announces “User is not available“.



See the detailed scheme:

Door intercom - Interconnection

There are of course many other standard features that our 2N® Helios door intercom can offer to you. Among the most interesting rank:

  • Video - A connected video camera allows monitoring of people entering the building.
  • Voice Menu - For simple programming, a voice menu is implemented which navigates you through the setting of the individual parameters.
  • Telephone - By using the keypad, you can dial any number from 2N® Helios.
  • Code Lock - In 2N® Helios, the electric lock can be activated by the phone or directly from the door using the keypad.
  • Additional switch - This is an excellent resource for controlling a second appliance

If you want to learn more about the 2N´s door intercom product family or you are interested in further details regarding the two new above mentioned functions, do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.

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