GSM/UMTS Gateways with Improved Call Routing System

New firmware version 1.22 for GSM/UMTS gateways provides a completely new system for routing incoming and outgoing calls from or to individual gateway interfaces (e.g. GSM, VoIP, ISDN, FXS). Everything is now significantly easier—in a gateway’s configuration interface, simply set which interface a call will come from, what numerical preset codes are permitted for that call and what interface the call should then be routed to.


An example of possible use is the multi-channel 2N® StarGate, where, if all 32 GSM/UMTS modules are fitted, you can have up to 32 independent routing groups. In addition, it is possible to address each of the modules independently, which, for instance, when used in a call centre means that each agent can have his own SIM card/GSM module.

The improved call routing system also expands the scenarios for the use of gateways to include new ones that were not possible with previous configurations.  Gateway applications now include:

  • CallBack to a GSM network where the user initiates the CallBack functionality and after he has called back to a gateway, the user can call out to the GSM network using the gateway’s remaining free modules
  • Call routing based on preset codes between any combination of gateway interfaces (VoIP, GSM, ISDN/FXS)
  • Direct call routing from GSM to a GSM network

For a more detailed description of the differences between old and new call routing, go to our FAQ pages.

For a description of all new functionalities, including options for downloading new firmware version 1.22 go to the Donwload section in the 2N website.

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