Flexible office with a 2N IP intercom

Losing one’s way or not knowing which door to enter is easy in large office buildings. All visitors are happy to be able to use the door intercom to call someone who can help in this situation.


The 2N IP intercom can be easily installed, for example, at the entrance door, and is the ideal solution for precisely these situations. The intercom puts you through to reception or security effortlessly and helps you reach professional help. The fact that the receptionist’s actual location in the building at the time of the call is irrelevant is a marvellous advantage of this technology. VoIP communication helps the receptionist to answer visitors’ calls and permits visitors to enter not only from their desk phone, but also from a mobile or tablet. This provides the receptionist maximum flexibility.

If you are still not convinced that our intercom is the right solution for you, watch our short videos below. They compare the operation of an office without an advanced door communication and a flexible office using a 2N IP intercom.

So, what should it be or what shouldn’t it be like when a visitor comes to an office?

An office without 2N IP intercom

An office with 2N IP intercom

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